Physio & Yoga Therapy

What are the Benefits of the “Samaana” Therapy Approach to Your Health?

At Samaana, we use tools from the sciences of both Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy to help you achieve optimal well-being and maintain these benefits over time. The key to successful outcomes at “Samaana” is the is the specialised use of movement with breath. The tools of Yoga are applied in ways specific to your  individual, unique constitution and health goals. I find that people really enjoy this approach and it has a profound positive effect on the body as well as the mind.

Who Is Physio and Yoga Therapy at “Samaana” Suitable For?

Samaana is here to support people of all ages, from infancy through to adulthood.

Whether you have a child who requires assistance to achieve their motor milestones, a teenager who lives with the effects of anxiety, pain or disability, or an adult managing the effects of physical or emotional change, “Samaana” is here to support you.

The aim of our time together is to resolve mental and physical pain and discomfort, restore function, strengthen your whole constitution and help you to manage your condition independently in the long-term.

Independence – without the need of therapists, or “Svatantra” – is the ultimate goal. With this approach, you will take back control and be more aware of how to live a life of balance.

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